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It all started with the full renovation of a very, very shabby 2BR apartment in Brooklyn, a lot of passion for interior design and an internship with top designer Miles Redd in NYC, where I spent most of my days looking for one of a kind 


fabrics at the D&D building, sourcing furniture at upscale antique stores and looking for unique home accessories at "to the trade" only showrooms in SOHO.  I know...sounds really chic and exclusive, doesn't it? ;-)


I created design boards for Miles to approve (or not) and I managed design projects, working with  carpenters, upholsterers, movers and painters, making sure that the design job was taken care of according to schedule, budget and quality expectations.  I loved every single second of it!


A couple of years later I got a gig as a designer and TV presenter for home make-over shows both in the US and Belgium (my home country) which led me to starting my own online interior design firm in 2006, offering affordable and easily applicable design solutions.


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