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How does a consultation look like?

First of all!  I listen!  This is not about me imposing my design style.  Often people ask “What’s your style” but just like with fashion, I have many different styles.  Sometimes I like to dress bobo chic (boyfriend jeans, a white linen shirt and sandals), the next day, I will wear a pencil skirt, a vintage blouse and high heels.  Whatever the style, I always make sure that there is a unified, cohesive yet unique look to my designs, both in fashion and interior decorating.


During the one-on-one Design Consultations, I am all about learning what it is that YOU want so that I can help you design a space that represents your personality and design dreams.  


From my portfolio, you will see that I offer many different styles.  Sometimes the client gives me carte blanche over a design project, other times clients want to mix and match existing & new furniture, and it happens that the client only wants to use existing pieces and I consult on how to create the right flow with what’s there.


We will meet via Zoom video conferencing during which you can walk me through your space and show me what  you need help with.  For some things, you will want to use my expertise on the spot and for others you will want a clearing how-to plan and guidelines on how to do the work on your own.  


This is  not a design package where you fill out a design quiz and have a freelance designer create a full on package that you may or may not like.  During our consultations I will guide you through the process step-by-step, one-on-one making sure that no time or money is wasted on a design you may not even like.  


Below are the design solutions I can help you with:

We determine your budget

Most people have no clue on where to start budget, I will help you create your design budget through the budget chart which will give you idea of price ranges in the different categories (economic, mid market or luxury)

We define your design style

Together, we will analyse the common themes and colors that keep on coming back and how we can keep consistency throughout your style preferences all the while creating a unique setting that represent your personality 


We analyse the existing architecture, materials and environment

We will analyse the elements that you don’t want to or can’t change and explore how we can design a space that embraces its existing environment

  • a rustic fireplace

  • existing tile floor

  • wooden beams

  • Pink tile walls (yup!  happened to me...and many Brooklyn renter I guess)

  • Plaster crowns…..


We discuss how to incorporate existing furniture

We will go over your existing furniture, what you would like to keep and how it will best complement your overall design. If you are open to editing some of your existing pieces ( adding updating knobs, changing the color,....), we will discuss that as well..


We source new furniture & materials

I will help you select new items that can easily be mixed and matched with your existing pieces and fit within your space, your style, the durability you are looking for and (!) your budget. I do not work on commissions so that you can be rest assured that I won't choose the most expensive pieces so to get a higher fee and you won't get any emails from me pushing you that specific sofa.

I assist  you in taking measurements

The size of the furniture you choose for your house can either make your room look stuffed or spacious. You want to make sure that the size of the furniture fits within the dimensions of the room that you are putting it in. I will walk you through the measuring process, taking the dimensions of any doors, windows, alcoves or other recessed elements into account and explain.  I will explain how to draw a floor plan  or you can order my layout planning service. You do not want to purchase a piece of furniture only to discover that it doesn’t fit in  your space.  


I assist  you in arranging furniture 

Balance is very important when arranging furniture and other items.  I will help you create the right equilibrium between the large and small pieces so to create the right  traffic flow throughout your home.

Creating a floor plan / furniture layout

I can either walk you through the measuring process during our one-on-one video consultation or you can send me a sketch with dimensions of your room so that I can create a furniture layout for you.

Plan your lighting around the way you use your space

Lighting is a vital aspect of any room, style and mood.  You probably don’t want a bright led light hanging over your head while you are cuddling with your loved one but you do want to see what you are doing when you are preparing a meal in  your kitchen. Lighting has the power to completely transform a space, make it feel larger or smaller and help create an ideal atmosphere.  The most appealing rooms have just the right balance between a mix of accent, task and ambient lighting.  Together we can go over your existing light fixtures and see how we can incorporate new selections to the mix. 


Lead time analysis

Just like with budget defining, it is hard for most people to have an idea on the time it takes to have selected items delivered and the amount that is required for renovations and construction .  Together we will walk through the timeline so that you can decide which pieces you want immediately  and for which you are willing to wait.

Art selections

Whether you choose to make your own art, get pieces on Etsy or invest in a unique painting, art is what gives your home its character, it's what helps define the personality of your space.  Depending on your style preferences, the mood you want to create and the purpose of the room, we will go over the different options on how to give your space the cachet it deserves. 

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