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Ready to elevate your Airbnb experience? Let us transform your space into a welcoming retreat. Book our expert furnishing service today and showcase your property's full potential to captivate and impress your future guests. Make your listing stand out and create unforgettable stays – schedule your Airbnb set-up now!

Typically we will cover:

Property Viewing

In preparation for furnishing your Airbnb property, I conduct a detailed evaluation, taking into account the layout, architectural aspects, and natural lighting. I tailor the staging to your target audience and demographics of your potential guests. Identifying the property's strengths and potential areas for improvement, I may suggest minor enhancements.


During the installation day of your Airbnb listing, my team and I actively manage the transformation of your property. This entails coordinating the delivery and placement of furniture, decor, and accessories. We strategically arrange these items to accentuate the property's features and establish an inviting atmosphere. Attention to details such as lighting, spacing, and flow is a priority. We may also add final touches, ensuring that the staged home aligns with the desired aesthetic and resonates with the target market. 

Curated Inventory Selection

In furnishing your Airbnb, I'll curate a thoughtfully selected inventory, considering factors like the property's style, size, target audience, and current design trends. Choosing furniture, decor, and accessories that align with your home's architecture, my goal is to create a cohesive and visually appealing ambiance. Careful consideration of the color scheme ensures it complements your space, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. 

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