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Vacant Home


When staging a vacant home, our goal is to make it marketable by carefully selecting and arranging furniture and decor to showcase your property's functionality and potential.


This process helps potential buyers envision the living spaces, emphasizing the home's positive attributes. We strategically address any design challenges, creating a cohesive aesthetic, and ensuring the property feels inviting. Ultimately, the objective is to present your vacant property  in a way that resonates with the target market, making it more appealing and market-ready for a faster and more lucrative sale.


Don't let your property linger on the market – take action now and make a profitable impact with our vacant home staging expertise!

Typically we will cover:

Property Viewing

Before staging a property, I will conduct a thorough assessment. This involves evaluating the property's layout, architecture, and natural lighting. I will consider the target market and demographics to tailor the staging accordingly. I will identify key selling points, potential challenges, and may recommend minor repairs or improvements. Understanding the property's unique features and the buyer's perspective allows me to strategically plan and enhance the visual appeal during the staging process.


On the day of installation, my team and I oversee the transformation of your property. This involves coordinating the delivery and placement of furniture, decor, and accessories. We strategically arrange items to highlight the property's features and create an inviting atmosphere. We pay attention to details such as lighting, spacing, and flow. Additionally, we may provide final touches, ensuring that the staged home aligns with the desired aesthetic and appeals to the target market. Overall, my focus is on presenting the property in the best possible light for potential buyers.

Curated Inventory Selection

I will curate inventory based on several factors, such as the style and size of the property, the target market, and current design trends. I will select furniture, decor, and accessories that complement Your  home's architecture and appeal to potential buyers. My Objective is to create a cohesive and visually appealing look that enhances your  property's positive attributes. Additionally, I consider the color scheme, ensuring it complements your space and creates a welcoming atmosphere. The goal is to showcase the property's potential and make a memorable impression on potential buyers.


During destaging, we remove the furniture, decor, and accessories from the property that were used for staging. This process requires careful attention to detail to avoid any damage to the property or furnishings. We coordinate the logistics of the removal, including packing items safely for transport or storage. The goal is to efficiently and professionally dismantle the staged setup, leaving the property in its original condition.

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Revelle - Rancho Mirage CA
Bella Clancy - Rancho Mirage CA
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