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Occupied Home

Staging Consultation

It all starts with a thorough occupied home staging consultation; the foundation of any staging plan.  The goal is to create a design that will appeal to a broader range of buyers all the while you are still living in your home.


Our detailed assessment focuses on optimizing space, flow, and showcasing assets to enhance your space, making it irresistible to a diverse audience.

Our aim is to increase your chances of a quick and lucrative sale by showcasing your home's universal appeal.


We start at the curb and move through every room of the property offering  guidance on furniture placement and more for impactful marketing photos.


With a comprehensive approach, we offer clear, positive guidance for both the interior and exterior, helping you make a great first impression.


Receive a pre-listing top-10action plan and valuable information for a successful sale. If needed, additional assistance options are available.

Typically we will cover:

The Money Rooms

The key areas for buyers are the curb, living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom. These will be prioritized in our recommendations.

'Less Is More' Suggestions

Don't we all accumulate too many possessions? In the world of staging however, simplicity rains. If your home is occupied, I assist you in pinpointing items to pack away, maximizing the staging impact.

Cosmetic Recommendations 

Whether it's updating a light fixture,or adding the right pillows, art, and throws, I'll guide you on the small cosmetic changes you can make to harmonize your property's design and boost its appeal 

Furniture Placement Guidance

Essential for compelling marketing photos, I will suggest rearranging, or editing the furniture in your home, to maximize its perceived value.

Paint Advice

I will guide you on how to revitalize your space and elevate your property's appeal  with a fresh coat of paint (aka money in a can)

The Top-10 Priority List

Following the consultations conclusion, I will go over all recommendations with you and formulate a priority list, highlighting the top 10 in order of their potential impact

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Starting at $500 for up to two hours

(Houses over 3500 ft.² can be discussed separately).


Additional consultation time is $250 per hour.


We’re here for you! Keep reading for more details.

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