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Occupied Home

Photo prep


Home photo prep in real estate involves preparing a property to ensure that the photographs used in marketing materials, online listings, and promotional materials effectively showcase its best features. 

The occupied Photo Prep comes into play after your initial consultation and completion of action items when you desire assistance with the crucial details for impactful marketing photos.


This service focuses on refining the presentation so you can appreciate the results of your efforts.


It’s recommended to schedule our return either the morning of or the day before the photo session.


Both homeowners and agents appreciate this service, as stronger marketing photos enhance your market position.


Our carefully chosen photographer, with whom we have a longstanding collaboration, arrives to capture compelling marketing photos.


This final step empowers agents to present the strongest product from day one in a frequently competitive market.


For optimal coordination, consider rescheduling photo prep and the photographer for the same day, ensuring seamless collaboration for your listing photos. Say goodbye to uncertainties and missed opportunities to capture the unique appeal of your house. 

Key aspects of the photo prep include:

1.Cleaning and Decluttering 

Ensuring that the property is thoroughly cleaned and clutter-free. This creates a visually appealing and well-maintained look in photographs.


Maximizing natural light and using additional lighting as needed to brighten up spaces. Well-lit photos tend to make a property look more inviting.

Angle Selection 

Choosing the right angles to capture the best views and perspectives of each room. This helps potential buyers get a clear and positive impression of the property.

Highlighting Key Features

Showcasing the unique and desirable features of the home, such as architectural details, built-in amenities, or outdoor spaces.


Professional photo editing may be used to enhance colors, sharpness, and overall image quality. However, it's important not to misrepresent the property through excessive editing. Effective home photo prep contributes to creating a visually appealing online presence for the property, attracting more potential buyers and generating interest in real estate listings.

Starting at $400 for up to two hours

(Houses over 3500 ft.² can be discussed separately).


Additional consultation time is $200 per hour.


The fee for additional specialty shots will be determined based on the square footage of your home.

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