It’s getting organically hot in here

I don’t know about where you are but the temperature has been dropping here like crazy!  And!  I even heard it might be snowing by the end of this week.  Which means that it is that time for turning on the heaters again.  Or maybe not? 

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Well, see here is the story.  We had a bit of a high bill last year for heating charges.  Am talking, high bill as in ‘could have paid for a few nice holidays….’  So this year, we have decided to hold off on heating the house as we did last year.  Meaning triple layers and thick socks.  Fashionable ones, of course ;-)

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Additionally I have seen a few videos going around the net talking about those little self made heaters.  Have you seen them?  Well, as we do like our home to be nice and cozy, I went on a little shopping trip over the weekend to Dille and Kamille and decided to implement the organic heating idea and let me tell you , we love it!!!!  Not only does it give off some serious heat but on top of that, it is just super duper cozy and homely.  We installed a few big ones on central places and I also installed a few smaller ones that are more focused on a spot where I will be working from and today that is my desk.

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If you have been thinking about ways to save on your heating bills, I’d definitely encourage you to check out the how to videos and try those out. 

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by Elfya

6 thoughts on “It’s getting organically hot in here

  1. steve says:

    My heating just got fixed ( again) and it is nice and cosy, but as you praise this idea somuch and I always have lots of candles I will definitely give this one a try …

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