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The summer has been rather lovely, and it is summer that I think of, when I see the combination of colors we used in this Get the look.

It was John Ruskin, a leading English art critic in Victorian times, who said “the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most” and I couldn’t agree with him more. Of course, it also makes me question if they loved color so much in Victorian times, why are all their photos in black and white? But perhaps that says more about me than them. Yet I agree that a little pop of color can go a long way. This studio is testament to that. If you create a calm, neutral base of soft hues, you can use this as a backdrop to show your true personality – your true colors, let’s say – with some eye catching pieces. While a warm Mediterranean orange and baby blue are my colors of choice in this room, there are any number of color combinations that would work in this room so start thinking in colors…


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The neutral base is created by the beige basket weave Martin Sofa, the Border Queen Bed and that rather elegant Mariposa table lamp. If you’re feeling brave enough there is the Smart Glass Coffee Table to show off how non-clumsy you know you are and the walls of your room should also be painted a neutral color; we like Match of White Knight Paint. And now comes the fun part. Let your eyes and shopping power be pulled towards the pop of color delivered by the Jovi Home Suede Cushion – a cushion named after Jon Bon Jovi? Surely not – and the Regan upholstered chair in tangerine. Soften these colors with that Skyline upholstered storage bed bench and bring the two colors together with a piece of carefully chosen artwork or a borderline OTT signature piece like this stunning Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror. Pop goes the color!

What do you like about this look ?

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 The combination of orange and turquoise as shown in those splashing jewels is what makes me think of warm, tropical places.



Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.48.31 PM


Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.53.30 PM



The Sleep Well Room – Get The Look

We all know that bedrooms have many purposes. It’s the scene of the crime when you waste three hours before a night out trying on thirty different outfits before settling on the first. It’s where you guiltily watch terrible chick flick movies while eating cookies and/or ice cream. And it’s also where you and your loved one want to have a satisfying… night’s sleep. That’s right, clear your dirty minds and let me introduce you to some of the softest, plushest and most luxurious home décor secrets that can ease you into a seductively good slumber.


First of all you need a bed, and not just any bed – it has to be the bed for you. Let this Adler Tufted Platform bed tempt you with its curved headboard and spacious proportions. A padded bench to keep the base of your bed company (while doubling up as a landing strip for your outfit try on sessions) adds instant elegance and carefully selected mismatch cushions bring the softness. Take time to search for the softest throw you can find and frame pictures of the places you dream of for your wall. Finally don’t forget the Omni Leaner Mirror so you can watch yourself indulge in those special hours of… peaceful sleep.

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