Hotel Barin Ski Resort, Iran

How fun and unique is the Barin Ski Resort in Iran? Mind you it’s one-of-a-kind yet superbly luxurious! Igloo-inspired, the resort’s rooms features walls that look like there is snow from the floor to the ceiling, tub, bed, table, sofa and chairs.



Ok, I know it is kind kitsch but still it is fun!  Well, yeah isn’t that what kitsch is supposed to be?  The pink curtains, comforter and upholstery add such a fun touches to the all-white setting.  This place just makes me smile!



And I love how even though designed like an igloo; the lighting seems to be amazing.  Not that I have ever been in an igloo per se so I wouldn’t even know whether it is light or dark inside.  In any case this place, has windows in the ceiling where natural light can go through during the day that make it even brighter than it is already.  Hah!  This place is so unusual and let’s be honest, it shows us a side of Iran that most of us don’t expect.





Jnane Tamsna Hotel Marrakech

What I love when I am in Belgium is that we are so close to all of those beautiful countries that are within 3 hours of travel time.  Whether it’s Spain, Italy or Morocco, it’s like you are in a complete different world without having to sit on a plane for half a day or more.  We need to take advantage of that more often. 


Which is what I am telling myself every time I see pictures of Marrakesh for example.  Such a beautiful place.  From its architecture to its spicy perfumes through the Medina and the delicious taste of tajines, there is such a nice combination of refined qualities and some kind of rawness.


Which is reflected perfectly in the hotel Jnane Tamsna.  How beautiful does this place look.  It’s like on one hand it has this very peaceful vibe yet on the other hand it feels very vivid with its bright and colorful fabrics used for the mats, bed sheets, curtains and pillows.  It also somehow makes me think of Irving Penn’s photograph: Woman in Moroccan Palace (which, by the way, was sold for $446,500 at a Christie auction back in 2010 – hello!!!).










Hotel Rajasthan Luxury Safari Camp

The Rajasthan Luxury Safari Camp, who wouldn’t want to experience it. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and spend time in a quiet and luxurious place surrounded by wild life is always a heaven sent. 

All tents used in this safari camp are fully air-conditioned and offer supreme comfort.  They even have a nice and comfy daybed near the tent’s entrance. Imagine just laying there, relaxed as you look out to the green surroundings, and perhaps seeing an animal or two in the distance. 


The huge tents also house a living room fully-furnished with wooden chairs, cabinets, writing desks, sofas with fluffy cushions and nicely-textured walls. This area is like a home away from home.

But the best thing about the Rajasthan Luxury Safari Camp is its big outdoor fireplace! There are padded benches around it where you can sit back and relax as you watch the sky at twilight. You can also just sit there and chat the night away with your friends and maybe your special someone. It’s a perfect setting for a relaxing and romantic evening!







Hotel Friday – The New Saguaro, Palm Springs

Hello lovelies,

I stumbled upon those wowza images of the ‘The New Saguaro, Palm Springs’ this morning and thought ’Oh what a pity that the Olympic games are in Russia and not in Palm Springs’.   How would that be as far as painting a town red? ….and orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And how nice it would be to see Putin stay at this lovely and colorful hotel.  Giggle, giggle….I’m sure he would love to be reminded of those ‘happy’ colors any day ;-) . The combination here is quite astonishing and makes me super, duper happy!  So let’s all keep our mind open and show the world we are open to LOVE.

 Yours truly, 










Seven Hotel Paris

Hello lovelies,

Steve here and so happy to be your host today because I want to share with you a hotel I would love to stay at any day – and night… the Seven Hotel in Paris.  Modern, yet not over the top.  Even though I might not be the right reference for such a statement as no place could ever be over the top as far as I am concerned.


I am in awe with those breath taking, floating beds that exude luxury and have something very futuristic with the blue and purple lighting installed underneath.  I feel like I am getting lost in the galaxy! And then that shower…Oh la la ! Très sexy et tellement sacré bleu ! 

Have a cosmic day!

Yours truly,






Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.16.09 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.16.16 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.16.30 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.16.37 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.18.43 PM

Hotel Riad O2 Marrakesh

When you stay in the Riad02 in Marrakesh,  there is no escaping the whole 1001 nights theme it breathes.  I can so perfectly Imagine lounging around with a group of friends, enjoying mint tea and Moroccan hors d’oeuvres with Arabian music in the background all the while enjoying the smell of Moroccan spices floating through the air  So sit back, relax and dream with us of wonderful holiday evenings spent in this magical place. 

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Hotel Friday – Hotel Cocoon Bahia Brazil

I woke up to Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes this morning and have been in a good mood all day.  I want to go to Brazil.  Everyone tells me it is amazing.  Plus!  I love Bosa Nova.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.51.55

So I got lost looking at hotels on Tripadvisor and came across this stylish Cocoon hotel in Bahia.  It is located right by the beach and even though by its trendy design it could look like one of those hip places where ‘the cool kids hang out, get wasted and make way too much noise’, the Cocoon is actually just a very chill and relax place far away from all the noise.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.52.01 PM

Did you notice the curved bath tub that kind of looks like a hammock?  I want to visit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.52.04 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.52.08 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.52.11 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.52.15 PM


The Tree Hotel Sweden

One of my favorite words is oxymoron.   I love it because; well I think it sounds good but more so because I love the combination of two contradictory terms.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.22.40 PM

When I stumbled upon these images my first thought was ‘hah a modern tree house’.  Isn’t if funny how most of us seem to think of tree houses as hand made structures created with branches and twigs the Elves left behind somewhere in the woods?

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.22.53 PM

Well if you want to get closer to nature, enjoy nighttime safaris and experience the Northern light during the winter all the while enjoying ecological and modern luxury, this might just be the place to be.  I am in awe!  And I want to go there!  

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.10 PM

Have you seen the other tree houses on their site?  One of them is actually all branched out and then there are the other ones, like he mirrorcube and the UFO which are so modern!  There is even a tree sauna!! Talking about some revolutionary architecture.  Has any of you ever had the chance to stay in one of these?

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.14 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.40 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.43 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.49 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.23.53 PM



NL Hotel Amsterdam

A bit of Dutch and a bit of Asian and you have the hip Amsterdam NL hotel right in the heart of the city!  I love how the designer used a repeat of similar patterns from the walls to the design in the poofs!  The room on the first picture doesn’t look big but then again, very good use of space and perfect choice of furniture offering a nice flow through the room.   




Hotel W Hong Kong

I don’t know when the first W hotels were built but I do remember my first W experience at the one in Los Angeles back in 1998 and it being one of the first hotels which design truly inspired me.


Fourteen years later, I guess most of us have gotten a bit more jaded when it comes down to boutique hotels.  I must say I am so happy the typical hotels from back in the 80’s have ceded their space for design hotels. Especially that now you can find so many nice ones for all types of budgets.


Have you ever checked out this site called ?  Such a great site with links to stylish hotels at affordable prices. 


Now, what do you think of this W hotel in Hong Kong?  I am completely fascinated by its endless layers on the walls.  From the wooden textures by the pool to the sparkly fire works behind the reception desk. What do you think wow! Or too kitschy?