Let’s Get Tufted

I don’t know about you  but when I think of an interior with tufted elements, the first thing that comes to mind is a chesterfield sofa.  You know the big, brown heavy ones.  Which I actually really love!  Especially in a library or a cigar lounge or something.  Not that I smoke cigars but you know the type of vibe I am thinking about.  Then again, ‘going tufted’ can take you so much further than the Chesterfield.  And who says we have to stick to the classic model anyways?  Why not go turquoise?  I love that hint of contradiction and this chesterfield definitely takes my fancy and I love how it is paired with the pistachio green cabinet.

LETS GET TUFTED 5Source: www.indulgy.com

Of course, as we know, tufted design is not only limited to sofas but can be seen in headboards, chairs, stools and even walls which can on one hand add an element of timeless class and on the other add something very loungy to a room.  Then again, when done wrong it can look soooo cheesy.  I am talking tufted pleather.  Is that even a word actually?  A friend of mine often uses this term and it always makes me laugh as I just imagine this scene of a woman asking the sales man ‘is this sofa leather’ and him answering ‘Euh…no mam, actually it’s pleather’.  Yeah ok, you get the scenario.  Pleather…just sounds so wrong that it sounds funny, doesn’t it?

LETS GET TUFTED 8Source: www.designfieldnotes.com

Anyhow back to getting tufted because before closing off for the day, I want to mention this chair with its matching leg rest in ivory! It looks amazing and I can just picture myself lounging in it on a lazy Sunday whilst reading my favorite book! I just started reading ‘The Lost Art of Listening’ and so far it looks really good.  Anyone read it?

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Designing with Bamboo

I often think that ultimately I want to live in a small house on the beach.  maybe Tulum, Mexico.  Maybe The Philippines.  Something simple but stylish where our family and dogs can have this really chill life.  And then, whenever we’d feel like we are in need of some high level energy, we could just spend a few weeks in NYC.  I guess I am not the only one dreaming of that lifestyle, right?  Somehow I do have that vision that at one point this is how it will be.  And then I think of the home we will live in and I see a lot of bamboo.

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 2Source: www.prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot.com

I heard that in the East many houses are made of bamboo. It’s not only because they are excellent material to create an airy ambiance but I was told that bamboo doesn’t soak up heat so even in sweltering weather a house made of bamboo never gets hot! I so admire the ingenuity of the people who use bamboo in their houses. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with bamboo if you integrate it in your house design. Whether it’s traditional or modern design, bamboo can always have its place! Just take a look at this fine dining restaurant in China called the Tang Palace and its amazing bamboo ceiling! The geometric pattern made out of the bamboo sticks makes it look like the interior is wrapped in a cocoon. So warm and cozy!

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 5Source: www.dzinetrip.com

But even the bamboo cut in half can be used as a walls just like this picture. As you can see whoever designed this place only used varnish to make the halved bamboos shiny. The partitions inside the bamboo simply add to its unique quality.  I really won’t mind using bamboo in my designs, just accents like this Curve Entertainment Set to be placed on a table or a pair of woven bamboo baskets to fill up a corner. Using bamboo kind of gives the feeling of being so close to nature, especially if you live in the city. Not only do I love the organic feel of bamboos, the environmentally-friendly quality of this material is a big plus as well!

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 6Source: www.greenvillagebali.com

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 3Source: www.tapiture.com

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 4Source: www.design490.org

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 7Source: www.artedigest.com

DESIGNING WITH BAMBOO 8Source: www.exteriordesignforhouses.com

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I used to think of portraits as being really cocky and old school.  Old school but not in a hip, vintage kind of way.  More in a stuffy kind of way.  More like for big, dark homes with hunting dogs and Scottish patterned pillows. You know what I mean? 

3ebe245b8b7f111bdfb3d42a95e56e93Source: www.boredomisfun.com

Well…anyways, I changed my mind! I was cruising around the net the other day and let’s say I decided to be open minded to all things different and adjust my point of view.  And so, I came to realize that portraits can make such a huge and fun impact in a room when chosen well and positioned appropriately. You really can play with different sizes depending on the space where they will be placed and depending on the effect you want to have, the frame can either blend or complement with the room’s color.  My favorite one on here, of course is the dog portrait.  Have you ever thought of having a big portrait in your home?  Or maybe you have one laying around somewhere in your basement?  Of yourself?  Or an ancestor? I must say though that if I ever walked into any of my friends’ home and all of a sudden there is a huge old school, chateau-ish, portrait hanging of them, I’d really crack up.

4dc85f6cbdd88116474bc71095f3acb6Source: www.annahackathorn.com


9ccc55fbb78b030cb1c4b7873629ab4aSource: www.camara-de-maravillas.blogspot.com

015d45c0e3b746f260f8a2add4492eb9Source: www.belgianpearls.blogspot.com

20bb418013a2e844276559e73bb26f57Source: www.sohautestyle.com

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Jnane Tamsna Hotel Marrakech

What I love when I am in Belgium is that we are so close to all of those beautiful countries that are within 3 hours of travel time.  Whether it’s Spain, Italy or Morocco, it’s like you are in a complete different world without having to sit on a plane for half a day or more.  We need to take advantage of that more often. 

IMG_4540Source: www.jnane.com

Which is what I am telling myself every time I see pictures of Marrakesh for example.  Such a beautiful place.  From its architecture to its spicy perfumes through the Medina and the delicious taste of tajines, there is such a nice combination of refined qualities and some kind of rawness.

IMG_4541Source: www.africandaydreams.com

Which is reflected perfectly in the hotel Jnane Tamsna.  How beautiful does this place look.  It’s like on one hand it has this very peaceful vibe yet on the other hand it feels very vivid with its bright and colorful fabrics used for the mats, bed sheets, curtains and pillows.  It also somehow makes me think of Irving Penn’s photograph: Woman in Moroccan Palace (which, by the way, was sold for $446,500 at a Christie auction back in 2010 – hello!!!).

Source: www.m.mrandmrssmith.com


IMG_4542Source: www.houseoftulips.blogspot.com

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Oversized Mirrors

The fact that you can make a small space appear bigger by using mirrors is really not that big of a secret.  I know!  Many interior designers make use of mirrors in doing up houses and pads and its a great trick! But to create the illusion of a bigger space and! add some panache, over-sized mirrors are best!  Unless you absolutely want to go with the little, glue-on squares that you stick to your walls? Euuuuh!  No! I object!

Source: www.mommy-chic.blogspot.com

There are lots of over-sized mirrors with fabulous designs and if you can’t find a ready-made one to suit your taste, you can always have one custom-made just for you!  It’s kind of like custom framing really.  Which of course isn’t all that budget friendly but I guess that is the price to pay if you want it exactly how you have it in mind.


Ornate and uniquely-designed mirrors are made to make a statement and I love them most in the living room! But you can also put them in the bathroom, dining area, bedroom and even in the kitchen if you have the room for it.  Even though, I have heard that big mirrors in the bedroom are not so good from Feng Shui point of view.  Anyone have experience with that?  Anyhow, do remember that for better or worse, with those in your house, you can always check your appearance so here is to looking groomed and fabulous at all the times.  Or not and love yourself just the way you are, greasy, messy hair and all.

09bf6dbdcde1df43b777b6b0cfe6bb86Source: www.thefrenchip.blogspot.com

99e9b45bd894640cce5d28008a0fd00fSource: www.coolechicstylefashion.blogspot.com


 Source: www.georgia-james.com

fbbd3e8798efc2b1a2c670cf42dc22cbSource: www.dobrusiak.wordpress.com

Beach Huts

The winter chill is almost here again (sigh). I wish the sun would stay out a little longer because I haven’t had my fill of the beach yet. I guess I will have to comfort myself by looking at some photos of great beaches (while imagining myself laying on a beach chair, with a Mojito in hand and a bowl of guacamole and chips on the little side table)  Well, as I was browsing the interwebs today, I came across those super cute beach huts which are very popular on the Belgian coast!  And I have even seen them as cabinets in kids rooms or bathrooms.  Now how stylish are some of these?  Even though small, they seem to be so comfortably designed! 

8ad6c69bb38c53ff78edf5f037a4c9bcSource: www.zilverblauw.com

Even though the ones lined up on the beach with their similar paintwork seem to be merely used for changing clothes, there are some in which I can really see myself staying for a few days during a hot summer.  Some of them look so big that they’re like fully-furnished houses inside! They have sofa sets, dining tables and a sink that’s made even cozier by the wooden board floor. What did I say, a few days?   I sure won’t mind staying in these beach huts for a bit longer.

0afa859899ba45ea1a72c20c7265e57fSource: www.thedesignerpad.com


66db131d69b2cb0667086be6f8308e92Source: www.carinaokula.com

975df9c7bcec2a77c31d95a5c8563559Source: www.shenghuoatjia.blogspot.com

a02e20c7c8ce301de7a920bc8a7fa25dSource: www.1photo-a-day.com


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African Decors

African decors?  Definitely yes! Whether it’s antique, nature-inspired or safari type, I really love it all as long as it’s not too much!  For me there needs to be a nice balance.  I want the ambiance, the touches but I don’t want it to look like a room in a theme park either.    There needs to be a mixture. Add a bit of a rustic or even industrial element to the space by adding an antique table or a metal table for example.  You know, just to break that ‘theme’ kind of feel the overall design.  

6a9e2643f7743eb98d0b19e4742cd0caSource: www.secondshoutout.com

Have you ever been on a safari by the way?  I went once and loved it.  I must say the tents we stayed in were definitely not that luxurious but the experience itself was amazing and we did have a similar view from the restaurant by the camping lot as on the picture below.  Oh beautiful Africa, a continent I have to come to love more than I could ever imagine!

d10941030f8840845d7e38423ae0e585Source: www.piecefulwedding.com

31df1e4b87a6dd3c40f28bf1758f69f3Source: www.mylusciouslife.com

If you can’t go to Africa why not recreate that atmosphere in your home? It’s the next best thing you can do! Paintings of wild animals in action as well as tribal ornaments like patterned baskets hanged on the wall are great elements for creating that safari atmosphere to a room. All that’s missing is the sultry African air.

31918b4560d09af87448f6b66a9132edSource: www.blog.hgtv.com

19b55307193e475145ba00fc35ce2126Source: www.guidetosouthafrica.co.uk

62e0a9d75a3273dd80fc12183edade08Source: www.plus.google.com

75268c3384dc2a165ec3a2003ed73c35Source: www.redshandy.com

b3b6f166f080db03e6bfc6ae161c32a2Source: www.decorartsnow.com

d4b6f5f490a4fe6e99daec1ff894808dSource: www.anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com

Four Poster Beds

Every time I see a four poster bed I think of Miles as we installed so many of them while I was working with him.  The one below being one of them.  Somehow they also remind me of the noblemen and ladies of the Victorian era and their clandestine rendezvous.  Though even now, the charm and appeal of four poster beds have not waned. I guess it is the timeless appeal and the cocoon feel of being able to hide somehow that set four poster beds apart.

03e4c490c6417fd8c2b302d00c353907Source: www.adorninc.wordpress.com

There used to be a time when most, if not all, four poster beds were made of wood commonly oak. But now, there are some that are made of steel and other highly shiny materials. What’s best about four poster beds is that you can either leave the columns bare or you can drape some nice lace over it for a more romantic ambiance. For a bohemian effect, use rich fabrics and tassels to hang on the beams and columns just like the ones used by Arab royal families. Ahh pure bliss! Wouldn’t you just love to lounge in a bed like this?



Source: www.babiniec-cafe.com

4b511ea4301e0d6054b1e4127695c1bcSource: www.princesssultana.skyrock.com

6c2712805d7e8b809c93798927eeb298Source: www.barnwoodandbirch.blogspot.com

86ee3b073e3fc3bbfc932ddcfdbb8d8aSource: www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com

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Gold and Glitter

A few months ago I was invited to a friend’s wedding and I was really fascinated by their motif of gold and silver! The tables had glittery covers and the bridesmaids all wore shimmering heels. Their theme made the whole event very memorable with it lots of  grandiosity. Then again, I have always had a weak for glitter and shine.  Love it on sweaters and shoes!

IMG_4553Source: www.beautymovesme.com

And I even go for gold accents and accessories in my home.  Noooo, not the tacky, “look I have made it look”.  Just a few accents here and there that add a bit of glam.  It’s not like I’d be painting my whole walls gold either.  Even though that could be a nice look though.  But today am more thinking, subtle.  Even though glitter and subtle, might be a bit of a contradiction, I think those pictures show exactly what I mean

IMG_4552Source: www.blomgrenjulia.blogg.com

Let’s say the little gold leaf oval side table with mirror top. It’s glam yet it has a very classic and timeless look at the same time. Or if you want to add some glitz to your dining experience,  use  these Dwell Studio Diamond Nesting Bowls. Now of course, if you really want to go dramarama, there is the Meri Drum Chandelier by Oly Studio with its imbedded crystals will surely add pizzazz to your dining room when placed right above the dining table.

IMG_4551Source: www.coachingdecoracion.blogspot.com

il_570xN.492835628_dr80Source: www.etsy.com

5e7294d484ca00c2945f24a0f96034b7Source: www.casasugar.com


425ae5140fb7b0fe9fb95a7127841cd8Source: www.ourdailycoffee.com

IMG_4554Source: Unknown


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lampSource: www.archi-arts.com


Kili Kili Patch Patch

I don’t know if, where you live the kili kili watch watch song was famous or not but when I was like 6 or so, all the kids on the playground were singing that song “and it went something like this:”

kili kili kili kili watch watch watch watch
ké um ken ké ala
ali a tsalma, a tsalma poli watch
ali a tsalma, a tsalma poli watch


e8ccdec8406961becd5eb1f63dac9f21Source: www.hearthandmade.co.uk

I have no clue what it means and I even wonder if it means anything at all but I think it’s fun and I do remember being really fond of it.  Another thing I  have fond memories of is all things patch work and Holly Hobby.  Maybe it’s a generation thing but when I was little, I used to have this super colorful patch work blanket! I loved it!  It was like all the colors in the color wheel were all there, artistically pieced together. My boyfriends granny also made one for us and it was the last one she made before she passed away last year and it feels like every little square on it has a different story, a different thought that gives such a warm, comfortable feeling thinking of her. 

1Source: www.inmyroom.com

Patch work is just such a great way of adding color to a bedroom, living room and even the kitchen! It’s that think that makes us feel like 5 again! Even when lounging in a Chesterfield chair.  


2Source: www.vickiesvintage.blogspot.com

24415ed61ec0a1d1c60dcfd8e15cf4c9Source: unknown

c2e43151489887dbf54f8a896bde9abcSource: www.flickr.com

c07c6c1a71772c41cb85145c8452e124Source: www.bokja.wordpress.com

IMG_4499Source: www.shoppingbarra.com