Miami Lounge

Here is an e-design project, we did for a really great client with a pad in Miami. We had designed his NYC apartment a few years prior, which had a more classic feel to it.  For his Miami place however, he wanted something modern, light and breezy reflecting the Miami atmosphere. Since he didn’t have a lot of time to spend on a design project, he created a board on Pinterest with references to all of his favorite choices of furniture, styles of other decors he liked, a hand-drawn sketch and pictures of his room. Based on those items, we created a virtual decor for him in 3D so that he could preview his decor and know exactly what to get and where to place it when pieces got delivered. 


To create a light feel, we opted for a minimalist look and painted all walls white. The existing floor was white polished concrete already, so we got really lucky there!  For a bit of contrast we incorporated the brown dining table, side table and cabinet. In comparison to the starkness of the walls we hung a huge, colorful painting painting behind the sofa in which we also added a few colorful cushions.


His pad has a fantastic view of the city through its huge windows and we made sure that didn’t go to waste by arranging the design of his living room in such a way that he and his guests would be able to enjoy it while watching TV or simply chatting.



The Romance of Claw Foot Tubs

After a long day in the office or wherever your workplace may be, nothing feels better than soaking in a tub!  A tub filled with bubbles, scented candles in the background, maybe some music too as you relax in the warm water. Can you picture that? Heaven isn’t it?

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I think some of the most beautiful tubs out there today are the claw foot tubs. They have something so romantic about them, don’t they ? Someday, if I get to own a mansion, I’ll make sure that all bathrooms have a claw foot tub!  Did I just say ‘all’? hmmm

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Wicker and that organic feel that it brings along

You know how some houses can feel too cold when painted all white or have a lot of metal objects in it?   This is why I love wicker so much.  I have always thought of it as a very cozy element and it can so easily  change a cold vibe simply by adding some touches of it to the whole setting! 


What I don’t like however are entire sets.  You know an entire bedroom or something, dresser, headboard and closet included.  Kind of think that is cheezy.  I like wicker when it is mixed up with other elements.  Even when mixed up with a bit of an industrial feel to it. 

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Then again, I’m not talking about the eastern eggs wicker baskets here either but rather about the neutral, stylish ones.  Well;  guess you got that without me explaining it anyways.  But yeah none of the pink, lavendar, apple green mix type of thing.


Take for example that nice medium wicker basket to hold your loose papers and whatnots. And if you  really make a statement, there are these wicker chairs that don’t just look fabulous but are quite comfy as well!  What do you think of wicker as decorating elements?

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Hotel: Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini

During rainy and miserable weather, I can’t help but dream of another place, a place where the sultry wind touches my skin as the rush of the sea echoes  in my ears. I dream of Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini!  Situated on the cliff face, this hotel overlooks the sparkling blue sea and Caldera and it even has an infinity pool where you can relax and soak up the sun.  A little luxury doesn’t hurt anybody, I say.  Anyone ever been there ?





But most all, it has very opulent rooms painted in white! The dark wood furniture stands out in the plain white backdrop but its  easy to see there is a nice balance between the stark white and the wooden touches to soften the overall design.  What d’you think of this place and the combination of white and dark wood?



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Designing With Pink

I recently posted about Barbie and her not-so-pink mansion that I came across on Desire to Inspire; but I must confess, I actually really, really love pink! There’s something about this color that makes me very happy because well, I guess it makes me feel girly.


And I know many of you ladies out there would really also love this kind of color scheme in your home right? Your man might not, at first, but who knows he might just grow to love it.


Imagine an all pink house! Pink exterior and interior walls, pink bed, sofas and furniture. I know it sounds kind of crazy but look at this room, I think it works wonderfully well.  Pink heaven! But the pink can also be toned down by alternating it with white, cream, peach and even light blue paint and fixtures.


The pink kitchen might look like those dollhouses that we used to have as kids but then again, why not!  Lets go girly all the way.  Personally, I won’t mind it especially with that cute and retro-style Smeg fridge. Would be a perfect center piece in a kitchen. 









Designer Angie Hranowsky

How about adding a little flash and splash to our day? I think I have developed a weakness for fuchsia since Madonna wore it on her Confessions tour.  I used to think it was such an old-fashion color but then when she wore it so well, my view about it completely changes. 



I guess it also reminds me of tropical flowers. It  just makes me happy.  Like those interiors by Designer Angie Hranowsky , which look so stylish and yet so well lived in.  Such a great mixture of vintage and antiques! The purple is so daring, playful and happy! Shows that Miss Hranowsky doesn’t take herself too seriously and how refreshing that is in the world of interior design!







Pencil Dress Obsession

Today I want to be talking about fashion a bit because I am reaching the end of Suits’ 3rd season and even though I have had my moments where I started getting a bit bored with the story, I have never gotten bored with the outfits! Especially, the ones Jessica Pearson is wearing.

il_570xN.447685216_j7py                                                              Source:

So stylish and always with a bit of that 40’s feel to it. Love the pencil skirts! Especially the ones that go below the knee. Of course, I am sure considering everyone seems to be wearing Louboutins on that show (even the extras in the background…hellooooo!) the outfits must have a hefty price tag as well. Imagine how I felt when I came across heartmycloset ‘s shop on Etsy.


Talk about her collection and also about the fact that she makes dresses customized.   I could totally see Donna wear this!  Another shop that I fell in love with last week is Top Vintage in Holland.  Check out their website for the most sublime dresses and lingerie.  And the other nice thing is that they deliver worldwide! lace-pencil-dress-lSource:


Source: pencil-dress-195-light-grey-gSource:

Fornasetti, irresponsible splurge or really good investment?

So in love with Fornasetti! I have 3 plates at my house and I love them. I bought them at a time where I couldn’t really afford them though. I also  knew at the time that it was a splurge but I have no regrets whatsoever.  As William Morris says “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  Well, ok, even though I know I will never eat of them, they do make me happy whenever I look at them.  They also remind me of the bickering I got into with my boyfriend at the time on the escalator of Barneys New York because ‘what I did was so irresponsible’ while I kept on counter arguing ‘that it was an investment’.  Seriously, isn’t that a good argument? :-)   Oh well, in the meantime I must have had the plates for almost 8 years and hey!  They really do make me super happy.  So what do you think?  Irresponsible splurge or really good investment? :-) unduetreilaria_fornasetti8


unduetreilaria_fornasetti 2





Keep Your Bookcases Fancy Schmancy

If there’s a pet peeve that I’d like to share with you, it’s cluttered bookshelves.  There are times when I see the most beautiful bookcases but they’re just so messy that the aesthetic value gets unnoticed.


What about you and your bookcase?  Well organized or a total mess?  Still a mess but you don’t know how to make them look organized?  There’s still hope for that. There are ways to make your bookcases look good, if not amazing. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be like it just came out of a Crate and Barrel catalogue but there has to be consistency in your arrangement. The aesthetic value must always be present cause otherwise what is the goal of getting nice shelves in the first place?


One great way to get your bookcases organized is by turning them into a mini photo gallery. If you have a vast number of framed photographs you can line them up with the big ones at the back and the small ones in front. You can also alternate this arrangement with attractive and at the same time nice-smelling candles.


Use pretty baskets or decorative storage boxes to hold small things and reading materials like paperbacks and magazines


Don’t cram all the books in one shelf. Alternate the shelves’ contents. For example, put attractive figurines on the top shelf, then books arranged in vertical style on the second, picture frames on the third and probably your prized plant on the lowest shelf.


Just some ideas but you see, these are just some simple tips that I’m sure they’ll make a huge difference! Try them!